I rescued a  beautiful  Deerhound mother and her puppies from Ireland. The puppies  were very thin and I was very concerned as to their future, I am happy to say having spent 3 months here with me they are all now in their new loving homes. I  called them my " Donegal Dear Hounds" as they are from Co Donegal and very dear to the 30 people who raised the funds to get them here to me. Mother was found to be purebred and KC registered Deerhound. a friend was visiting from Ireland and scanned mum, some 3 weeks after arrival we found a chip!, she was IKC registered Deerhound  please click on link below to see photo's of the "Donegal Dear Hound Wairns" :-)





The financial side was controlled by an independant person, books available by request a donation of 300£ was made into the fund for mother, also papers were bought from her  breeder by me which was an additional 325£ cost. the balance of the fund was donated to Irish Wolfhound Rescue as it was mainly Wolfhound people who contributed and they run a fantastic rescue!. the balance given was 100£







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