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Wednesday 11th June the puppies are 3 weeks old, they have started to take some puppy porridge most of it ends up all over them and me! but some does manage to get into their tummys.

It was sunny this morning so I decided to introduce them to the world outside of the kitchen just for a few minutes I carried them to the orchard to show them how pretty it is,"horror" how could you do this to us?? you horrible human being its scarey out here, I explained that its important for them to be confident and that I was there along with there mum and we would not let anything happen to them.   At this point one of the buzzards that often come into the orchard flew over,mmmmm I thought time to go back in doors.

What the heck is this green stuff

Get it of my nose

Ohh its not so bad

Follow me sis!

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