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I am so happy I have managed to find the most amazing homes for Herbert, Roxy. and Archie

They have settled into there new homes so well, and the owners are the most amazing people, a huge relief to me as I so worry when having a litter to find people as potty about deerhounds as me.


 Roxy the first day of moving in with the Latham family , she is a lucky girl to have found them, the kindest of people anyone could hope a puppy to go to.

This photo brought a tear to my eye, to know Roxy is going to be so loved, makes the last six months all worth while for me, and I just felt so happy when seeing it, I hope you do too.!

( by kind permission of Roxys owners)

 Herbert in his new home with Mathew and Caroline, in bath, with Wilfred the most amazing Lurcher he accepted Herbert from the first moment, allowing him to take treats out of his mouth!




Herbert and Wilfred, my what a lucky puppy .!!!

 Herbert in the Lake District for his holidays!

  Herbert what a stunner

Herbert and family in the Lake District





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